What if there were no BigBags?


Transporting fertilizer without big bags is a major challenge. In the past, bulk silos were widely used. The use of these silos makes it possible to build up a large stock, because most silos have a large capacity.

The use of bulk silos has its advantages, but also its disadvantages. For example, you are very limited in transport. The best option is to place the fertilizer directly from the silo into the spreader. That's fine if you are going to spread in the immediate vicinity of your farm. If you have to spread a lot further away, it is more convenient to drive to the site with a number of big bags.

In addition, you are also limited with the different types of fertilizer you want to spread. Of course you don't add Kali to a bulk silo filled with KAS.


Moving large amounts of sand is no problem. Entire transport companies have been set up for sand transport. This is practical for civil engineering, as they often have sufficient machines (cranes, shovels, etc.) to move and level sand mounds.

However, when you start working as a gardener or paver for a private individual. Isn't it always convenient to have a large lump of sand on the driveway? It is often located in a place where it is in the way and moving it is difficult.

In this case a big bag is very useful, you can easily get them through narrow alleys and, with the vidbag , metered release. This way you don't waste any product and you are very flexible!

Empty the bag in a measured manner


The same applies to gravel as to sand. When you order very large quantities, it is often delivered in bulk. In a big pile. No problem, if you have the space and the machinery for it.

When you do not have these resources available to your customer. Then it is easier to work with big bags. The big bags are manageable and you can empty them in doses.


Large consumers of animal feed, such as livestock farms or breeding farms, would have to lug around large, heavy bags of feed without big bags. That creates a mess and may not be entirely responsible from an occupational health and safety perspective.

A big bag on an unloading installation provides great user convenience. You can easily roll a wheelbarrow under the system and tap exactly what you need into it. No hard work and no waste. We love that, right?