Widened Modulo SP unloading station; Did you know that we can also realize tailor-made solutions?

Big bags are used in many industries, with varying ways of unloading these big bags. Unfortunately, manual unloading of Big Bags is still taken for granted far too often. And while work can often be done very simply and efficiently, we have developed several standard unloading stations and put them into production. Unloading stations that save time and money. No company is the same and therefore a standard version is not always sufficient. We are happy to contribute to this challenge and deliver a tailor-made solution for our customers. Thanks to our experiences and because we have production in-house, we can respond quickly, so we always have a suitable solution.

For example, we have the Modulo SP can be customized. This customer saw the added value of our big bag unloading station, but the standard size was not applicable. The customer approached us to help us think about his work process, so we developed this expanded Modulo SP unloading station for him.

Due to some adjustments to our Modulo SP By implementing this, the customer can dose his big bag directly into his transport container, work more efficiently and therefore save time. In the photos you see 3 custom-made Modulo SP unloading stations. What have we changed? The legs have been made wider at the bottom, these dimensions have been provided by our customer. By adjusting the height of the discharge valve, the fall height of the product is minimized, resulting in dust reduction. In addition, a fall protection device is mounted on the frame. This construction provides extra safety for employees.

big bag unloading station, widened

big bag unloading frame with widened passage

If you are also looking for improvements in your business processes, please call or email us, we are happy to think along with you!