Arnout Aarnink from Vidbag.nl recently delivered the first big bag dosing system with a vibrating motor. Dairy farm MTS. Van de Hoef-Wijntjes from Appelscha had the honor. This is a big bag frame, the Modulo SP. Herman van de Hoef can place a complete big bag here and unload it in doses; “Very handy, so I always have exactly what I need, and spills are no longer an issue.”

Minerals have been added to the ration for dairy cattle at Mts van de Hoef for 2 years. 40kg per feeding, and until now this was done by scooping the minerals out of the big bag by hand. An annoying recurring chore. “When the big bag is new, it is still possible to use a grain scoop, but as soon as it becomes a bit emptier, the side wall collapses and scooping becomes more difficult. Falling down on the big bag is completely annoying.” says Herman van de Hoef.

After a short online search, Herman came across Vidbag.nl, where he outlined the problem. Vidbag.nl already has various solutions for emptying big bags. This also applies to this frame, called the Modulo SP. This has a skewer in the middle of the bottom plate, which cuts open the bottom of the big bag when placing the big bag. Thanks to the dosing slide under the skewer, the big bag can then be emptied in a measured manner.

The difficult thing with raw materials such as minerals is that they are difficult to leave the big bag on their own. The solution was devised in collaboration with Vidbag.nl. A vibrating motor on the frame ensures that the minerals still run out of the big bag; simple and effective. A disadvantage was the large amount of dust that was released when filling the wheelbarrow. This has largely been resolved with a coupling piece and a piece of flexible spiral hose and the wheelbarrow is easy to fill neatly. This wheelbarrow is emptied into the silage grabber and then the minerals end up in the feed mixer, without a drop of sweat.

Thanks to the Modulo SP with vibration motor, this daily chore has become a lot easier. This complete set with Modulo SP, vibration motor, thermal protection and connecting cable costs €1895 excl. VAT, ex Ens. For more information, please call Arnout on 0652613604. More information here

Vibration motor as an extra option on our Modulo SP  


Vibration motor for the Modulo SP for loading Bigbags with Minerals