How do you move Big Bags safely?

You can fill a big bag with different specific weights, but a big bag with fertilizer quickly weighs 600 kg. When you want to move these big bags, you usually have the forks of the forklift at a height of about 2 meters. You can imagine that this entails dangers. It is wise to cover a short distance with the big bags in the forklift forks, but sometimes this is necessary. In this blog we will take you through the possibilities and try to inform you about the possibilities.

Always pay attention when you move filled big bags yourself and always pay attention to your surroundings.


The fastest way to move a big bag is with a lifting cross or lifting beam. They come in different shapes and sizes. Some are developed with a lifting eye, ready for use with a crane. But they are also development with preparation for a forklift. The big advantage? The big bags cannot slide off the forks when you brake (too) hard. Suppose you want to empty a big bag of fertilizer over a fertilizer spreader, then it is nice that this 600 kilograms does not fall on your new fertilizer spreader.


The safest way to handle big bags is with a big bag unloading installation. This greatly reduces transport with big bags. You place the bags with fertilizer, gravel, sand or animal feed on the frame and they remain there until the contents are used up. Immediately smart dosing system at the bottom. The pulsed emptying of big bags is a very pleasant addition to avoid wasting the expensive contents.

An unloading installation for big bags comes in different shapes and sizes. Specially for rolling contents or for intensive use. For more information, take a look around our website.

big bag lime unloading installation

Big bags on loose installation


Moving big bags on a pallet sounds like a safe and simple solution. But make no mistake. If you have to slow down the crowd with an emergency stop, you run various risks. The big bag can then fall over on top of a person. We probably don't have to explain to you that this can have unpleasant consequences. In addition, the filled bag can fall over and spread its contents across the floor. Shame, of course. We therefore strongly advise not to move big bags on pallets.


If you want to unload big bags quickly, or if a fixed setup is not an option, a lifting cross is the most sensible solution for handling your big bags. A lifting beam secures the load and ensures that it does not fall off your fork carriage.

If you really want to work safely, you would do well to install an unloading installation and the number of big bag minimize actions.

Moving BigBags without tools or with a pallet is not a good idea. The Arbo will also have an opinion about this. When you start working with big bags, make sure your things are in order!