BigBag logistics in order with the Neva system – A perfect combination with Vidbag!

We have recently become a dealer of Neva, a handy Big Bag Handling and storage system. This innovative system has been specially developed to optimize the logistics surrounding big bags, and it can be perfectly combined with our own Vidbag. In this article we will discuss the benefits of this solution and explain how it works.

Vidbag is already known to customers who use big bags for storing seeds, fertilizer, gravel and other materials. Our Vidbag is specially designed to unload big bags without leaks. Thanks to the patented fin system, the opening remains well closed, so you no longer have to worry about half-open bags in your storage space.

The Neva Big Bag Handling and Storage System is a perfect addition to Vidbag. This system is designed to make filling, transporting and storing big bags efficient and easy. It consists of a bowl-shaped plastic base with a side-operated discharge and dosing slide, as well as four steel tubes with special plastic heads and feet. These tubes not only serve to securely fix the big bag, but also to safely stack multiple systems on top of each other.

With the Neva System you can fill big bags easily and without spilling, transport them safely internally and externally, store them efficiently and unload them in doses. This saves time and money, while also increasing safety in the workplace.

At we understand how important it is to have your big bag logistics in order, and that is why we offer the Neva System as an addition to our Vidbag. This allows you to optimize your storage and transport processes and ensure that your materials are handled safely and efficiently.

If you are looking for solutions for storage, transport and emptying big bags, then the Neva System at is a good choice. Please feel free to contact us.